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035 FOOD 7655
041 |beng
100 Kamolnate Kitsawad
245 Sensory Characterization of Instant Tom Yum Soup
260 Vol.9 No. 2 |cApril-June 2016
300 Page 145-152
520 Instant tom yum soups are widely available in the market in various forms, powder, paste, and liquid. Despite the similarity in the use of key ingredients, each product is unique in flavor. The arim of this study was to characterize the sensory profile of instant tom yum soup.Descriptive analysis was performed to examine the sensory profiles of kj12 instant tom yum soups. Sensory descriptors were generated; appearance (color, amount of oil, cloudiness), aroma (modified lime, pungent, lemon glass, chili paste, sugar-boiled banana puree), taste(bitterness,spiciness, saltiness, sourness, sweetness), flavor (rancid, herb, coconut milk, kaffir-lime, galangal, orange peel), texture (swallow ability, amount of particle, oily mouth feel).
650 instant tom yum
Descriptive analysis
700 Nasara Tuntisripreecha
710 King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok International Journal of Applied Science and Technology
942 |cThai Journals