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Author P Tuitemwong...et al
Alternative TitleNovel frozen soy yogurt with bifidus
ImprintBangkok : Min Agriculture
Call# IFRPD T960205

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Abstract The development of frozen soy yogurt fermented with yogurt cultures (Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus, control), raffinose utilizing lactic acid bacteria isolated from local fermented meat and vegetables (22 strains of L. plantarum, L. pentosan, L. brevis)and L. acidophilus with and without Bifidobacterium bifidus was carried out. The mixed cultures of L. plantarum F2-1 (isolated from fermented garlic)or L. acidophilus with B. bifidus gave a better pH reduction (P<.05)than that of the control with a final pH 4.1-4.6. The addition of lactose (non fat dry milk)in the mix enhanced the fermentation and the overall quality of frozen soy yogurt. It gave higher overrun, homogenization index and melting characteristics than the control (P<.05). This shows the potency of producing high quality frozen soy yogurt with health benefiting B.bifidus.
SubjectLactic acid bacteria
Soy yogurt
Soy yogurt bifidus
Soy yogurt low fat