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Author Yaovadee Cuptapun...et al
Alternative TitleNutritional evaluation of traditional fermented soybean (Tua Nao)
ImprintBangkok : Min Agriculture and Cooperatives, 1996
Call# IFRPD T960206

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AbstractTua Nao is a vegetable protein widely consumed in Northern Thailand. This study investigated the nutritive value and protein quality of Tua Nao, by standard bioassays. Four samples of Tua Nao and one of boiled soybean were compared to casein. Valine and methionine were the limiting amino acids for Tua Nao. PER of Tua Nao ranged from 1.44-1.83. NPU, BV and TD of Tua Nao were quite low, ranging from 51.25-68.11, 67.70-81.17 and 75.70-84.67 respectively. This study suggested that Tua Nao alone was not a satisfactory protein source. One should consume Tua Nao with valine and methionine rich foods such as fish, shrimp, beef, pork, soybean, peanut and sesame seed.
SubjectTua nao