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Author Anuvat Jangchud
Penkwan Chompreeda
Vichai Haruthaithanasan
Alternative TitlePilot scale production of supplementary food for pre-school children
ImprintBangkok : Kasetsart Univ, 1990
Call# IFRPD T960219

CALL # Volume Number Month Year Barcode Status

Abstractice flour 25.10%, peanut flour 3.46%, mung bean flour 3.46%, seasame meal 9.09%, milk 19.04%, egg 9.09%, papaya puree 8.65%, sugar 8.65%, water 12.98% orange flavor 0.22%, vitamin C 0.04%, vitamin A 0.001% and lodized salt 0.22%. Cost of raw material was 4.45 bahts/100 grams. The process consisted of mixing raw material together, extruding to the forming and cutting machine, steaming at 100 deg C 15 min., pressing to form thin sheet by using two roller mill, baking at 150 deg C 7 min., cooling and packing in aluminium foil. Product qualities were evaluated. Results show that nutritional qualities of the product meet the Thai FDA requirement and contained no pathogenic bacteria. Forming and cutting machine was modified from meat grinding machine by changing die and adding the cutter unit. The machine equipped with 0.5 hp. power and the capacity was 12 kg/hr. The machine cost was 18,000 baht. The cost of supplementary food was 5.97 baht/25 grams in aluminium foil.
SubjectSupplementary food/processing
Supplementary food/machine modification
Supplementary food/nutritive value
Supplementary food/computerized formula