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Author Parichat Hongsprabhas
Shai Barbut
Alternative TitleEffect of pre-heating temperature on CA2+-Induced gelation of whey protein isolate
ImprintBangkok : Min Science, Technology
Call# IFRPD T960290

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JournalConference on Advanced Science
Abstract The combined effect of pre-heating temperature (70 deg-90 deg C)and Ca2+ level (10-120 mM)on Ca2+-induced gelation of whey protein isolate (WPI)at room temperature was investigated. High pre-heating temperature produced clearer gels than low temperature, and increasing (CaCl2)produced progressively more opaque gels. When protein suspensions were pre-heated to 70 deg C (for 30 min), only gel's clarity was affected by (CaCl2). Fracture and water holding properties were affected by (CaCl2)only at pre-heat treatment > 80 deg C. High gel strength (determined as fracture force and work required to break the gel)was obtained when protein suspensions were pre-heated at high temperature and dialysed against high (CaCl2). High pre-heating temperature resulted in high water holding capacity (WHC)and gel extensibility, whereas (CaCl2)within the range of 10-120 mM affected only gel extensibility but not WHC. SDS-PAGE revealed that the degree of denaturation and polymerization of B-lactoglobulin, a-lactalbumin and bovine serum albumin, which was influenced by pre-heating temperature, subsequently determined colour, fracture and water holding properties of the gels. It was demonstrated that protein polymerization during pre-heat treatment occured via disulfide bond formation.
SubjectWhey protein/gel effect
Whey protein/isolation
Gel characteristic/heat treatment
Gel characteristic/calcium