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Author Buncha Ooraikul
Alternative TitlePotential of minimally processed refrigerated Thai foods for local and import markets
ImprintBangkok : Min Science, Technology
Call# IFRPD T960291

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JournalConference on Advanced Science
Abstract Operators for Thai-style "Fast-Food Outlets" have to get up very early each morning to prepare various dishes for sale each day in local bazaars or sidewalk markets. They have to shop each day for fresh ingredients and prepare them for their products. There are millions of these operators in every city, town and village around Thailand, each having to go through the same routine every day. Their fortune is closely tied to their sickness and health, weather, market fluctuations and availability of various ingredients. The consumers take risk each day with the quality, and particularly safety of the products. Conditions in Thailand are now ripe for a new technology to be applied to this "cottage industry", not only to reduce the collective time spent each day on processing, and the amount of waste due to inefficient operations and spoilage, but also to improve the quality and safety of the products, to expand the market with export possibility and, as importantly, to improve the quality of life of the operators. The products could be centrally processed, using the best recipes and most suitable technologies available, stored in refrigerated storage, and distributed each day to various operators in the bazaars and stalls reachable by each processing centre. The most potentially suitable technology for this operation is "minimally processed refrigerated food" technology whereby a food product is processed to a ready-to-eat state before being vacuum-or modified atmosphere- -- packaged in plastic bags or drums, and kept refrigerated until the point of sale. The operators need only to set up her/his stalls each morning, with a heating utensil to warm up the products for sale, or the buyers may buy the products in retail packages and take them home to warm up before serving. The operators will have more free time to improve their quality of life, while the buyers will be assured of consistently high quality, hygeinic and safe products. The proposed central processing units and the technologies involved will be discussed.
SubjectFast food/processing center
Fast food/packaging center
Fast food/refrigeration