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Author Kraisid Tontisirin
Alternative TitleNutrition improvement through food science and technology
ImprintSingapore, 1992
Call# T930124

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JournalThird ASEAN Science
AbstractThe availability of adequate food and nutrient supply for the general population as well as specially nutritional products for target groups with specific problems is very essential. Advances in the field of food science and technology have made it possible to provide the consumers with good quality wholesome food which is safe for consumption. Supplementary foods for vulnerable groups have been developed to alleviate protein-energy malnutrition and some micronutrient deficiencies. Medical foods for hospitalized patients and individuals with chronic diet-related diseases to maintain their health and nutritional status are also considered an achievement of the sciences of food and medicine. Moreover, there is a tendency for people to rely more and more on commercially processed products. Therefore, food science and technology will be playing an even more significant role in nutritional improvement and health promotion for the population.
SubjectNutrition problem