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Author Komgrit Agachat
Alternative TitleFat and cholesterol
Call# T960336

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JournalPig Mag
AbstractFatty acid is divided into 2 types; saturated and unsaturated fatty acids which their melting point and oxidant differ. There are the essential and non essential fatty acid in fat resources. Rice bran oil and fish oil are the source of unsaturated fatty acid while lard and tallow are the source of saturated fatty acid. Cholesterol is one of the essential fats from only the animals and animal products which suitable amount will be useful to body. Factors of gene, environment and food consumption play the role of cholesterol level. The various edible animals contain the cholesterol in different level. Consumer should obtain the cholesterol not more than 300 mg/day.
Descriptv22 n88 ; 47-54
SubjectFatty acid
Fat function