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Author Pradit Karuwanna
Alternative TitleTrend in research and development for quality improvement of native Thai rice wine
ImprintBangkok : Chulalongkorn University, 1991
Call# T930150

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AbstractThai rice wine have been made and consumed for hundreds of years. They are currently illegal alcoholic beverages. Methods of production are kept the same with variable degrees of quality. Thai rice wines are usually consumed while fermentation is still going on. The important inoculum for the production of rice wines in Luke-pang Sura which is different in composition and quality from place to place. Research and development for quality improvement of Thai rice wines has not been done and most young people have never seen rice wines. These may lead to the future disappearance of the beverages. Research work should include the possibility of using rice koji and pure culture of yeast instead of Luke-pang Sura. Sparkling low alcohol rice wine, red rice wine and Ou should be well developed and produced at the commercial level.
SubjectRice wine