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Author Naivikul, Onanong
TitleFunctional snack food/Onanong Naivikul ... [et al.]
Call# ku T970207

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AbstractThe direct-expanded functional snack food could be produced using a formula being composed of 70% corn grit, 10.5% soy protein isolate, 4% full-fat soy flour, 10% inactivated full-fat rice bran, seasoning with barbecue flavor, as well as vitamins and iodine added to be accepted by the consumer test (120 persons)at the 7- point level of medium-like (9-point hedonic scale). The products showed 2.88 expansion ratio, 0.16 g/cm3 density, 73.96 newton hardness and 1.23 crispiness (Df). The chemical compositions showed that the barbecue flavor functional snack food contained 15.78% protein, 14.07% fat, 4.49% ash, 2.02% crude fiber and 5.86% dietary fiber. The nutritive values of this product calculated at 30 g/serving as Recommended Daily Intake (RDI)were 9.46% protein, 7.03% dietary fiber, 278.67% vitamin B1, 188.82% vitamin B2 and 31.4% iodine. The shelf-life stability was determined by packing the products in 2 types of packaging: thin and thick metalized polyethylene terephthalate (metalized PET), then stored at varied temperature (35 degree C and 55 degree C)for 8 weeks. The results showed that the high temperature (55 degree C)caused the physical properties, texture and taste-panel acceptance change more than the other. Thin metalized PET was the most suitable packaging to keep products within 8 weeks at 35 degree C. Moisture content (3.72 to 4.87%)and aw (0.25 to 0.32)were slightly increased. Thiobarbituric acid increased (0.20 to 3.24 mg/1000g). Hardness was not significantly different (P > 0.05)(84.52 to 90.65 newton), whereas Df slightly decreased (1.24 to 1.13). The chemical compositions of 8-week snack stored at 35 degree C as dry basis showed no significantly different values for protein (16.06%)and crude fiber (1.51%)from the control samples but had some different values for fat (9.81%), ash (4.11%)carbohydrate (68.51%)and dietary fiber (8.35%). The taste panel accepted the product similar to normal in the range of acceptance (score 8-9).
Descriptvol.36 no.1 ; 44-54
Subjectsnack food
functional food
soy protein
rice bran