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Author อรพิน ภูมิภมร
Alternative TitleProduction of rice and cassava maltodextrins by using a-amylase
Call# T930156

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AbstractMaltodextrins were produced from rice and cassava flour using heat-stable a-amylase preparation. Sutiable conditions for maltodextrin production were found to be 0.05% a-amylase, 30% flour, pH 6.5 at temperature of 80-85 deg C. In order to obtain maltodextrins hydrolyzate containing DE 4,6 and 10, the processing time for hydrolyzing casava flour were 8,40 and 50 min whereas 10,50 and 65 min were for rice maltodextrins hydrolyzate. The degree of polymerization (DP)of maltodextrins of DE 6, 10 and 14 by HPLC analysis were mostly found in DP3 and DP6-7 which was typically found for a-amylase hydrolyzate starch. The hydrolyzate residue was decreased with prolonging rate of hydrolyzing and also depended on initial starch concentration used. In maltodextrin powder preparation, results showed that using spray drying method was more preferred than drum drying due to low moisture content of products. Casava maltodextrins powder were slightly easily solubilized in cool water than rice maltodextrin powder. However, the maltodextrins produced can be possibly used in some food and phamacuetical industries like those produced in Holland.
Descriptปีที่ 26 ฉบับที่ 2 ; 164-172
Amylase enzyme