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Author Choolakup, R.
Alternative Author International Life Sciences Institute (Thailand)
Food Science and Technology Association of Thailand
Kasetsart University
Federation of Institute of Food Science and Technology in ASEAN
TitleBiodegradable and physical properties of cassava starch/polycaprolactone blend/R. Choolakup ... [et al.]
ImprintBangkok : FoSTAT, 1998
Call# T980175

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AbstractA blend of cassava starch and polycaprolactone (PCL)was developed for the application in biodegradable plastics. Different forms of cassava starch including granular and gelatinized starch were blended with PCL at different proportion and evaluated for their physical properties and biodegradabilities. The results suggested that starch form influenced the properties of the blend depending on the proportion of starch being used. The blend of both granular and gelatinized starch had no significant difference in tensile strength when starch was used less than 40%. The percentage of elongation of the blend was effected by starch form if starch was used more than 30%. The blend of granular starch had higher % elongation than that of gelatinized starch up to 125 times at 50% starch content. However, gelatinized starch blend was able to be degraded much easier than granular starch blend as determined by Total Organic Carbon Analyzer. The dispersion of starch in polymer blend, when observed by Scanning electron microscope, suggested the less ordered structure in gelatinized blend, resulting in higher biodegradability. The blend of 30% gelatinized starch and 70% PCL was the promising material for biodegradable plastics as good physical properties and biodegradability.
SubjectBiodegradable plastic
Cassava starch package