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Author Suttajit, Maitree
Alternative Author International Life Sciences Institute
TitleMycotoxins in the food chain/Maitree Suttajit
ImprintBangkok : International Life Sciences Institute, 1998
Call# T980341

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Abstractutagen, carcinogen, nephrotoxin, neurotoxin and hepatotoxin. The most carcinogenic mycotoxin is aflatoxins. Mycotoxins as free form and different metabolites can be evidently found in body tissues and fluids of animals and human beings. It is, therefore, necessary to have decontamination and detoxification methods for a control and regulation of mycotoxin contamination. The development of the sensitive analytical assay and reagents for the detection of small amount of mycotoxins and their metablolits is also needed. Several types of ELISA kits using polyclonal/monoclonal antibodies against the toxin for convenient field test used around the country have been available. In conclusion, mycotoxins are numerous and commoly found in agricultural and diary products, daily foods, and animal products. The contamination of mycotoxins or metabolites in the food chain is harmful and subsequently causes a risk of diseases and health problem in populations. Prevention and detoxificaion of fatal mycotoxins should be being more practiced to control the contaminaion by the national and local authorities. In this presentation on food safety and human health, aflatoxins, fumonisins and their involvement in the food chain will be shown and discussed in detail.
Descript8 p.