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Author Aikkarach Kettawan
TitleChicken bone calcium extraction and its application as a food fortificant
Alternative Titleการสกัดแคลเซียมจากกระดูกไก่และการทดลองใช้เสริมในอาหาร
Call# T990182

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Abstractehydration, alkaline treatment, enzyme treatment, ashing and demineralization methods. One suitable method, alkaline treatment, was selected. The bone after extraction was called "Bone extract powder" (BEP). It was analyzed for food safety (microorganisms and heavy metals)and tested for its application as fortification in two popular food products for Thai people. The products were fried shrimp chips (Kaow Kriab Kung)and one type of commercial chili paste. Products were fortified with three levels of calcium (10, 20 and 30% of Thai RDI/serving)and evaluated for sensory and chemical composition.
Descriptll. ; 30 cm
NoteThesis (M.Sc. (Food and Nutrition for Development))--Mahidol University, 1999
SubjectMahidol University--Thesis
Chicken bone
Calcium extraction