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Author Vichai Haruthaithanasan
TitleConsumer acceptance of newly developed peanut products in Thailand
ImprintSingapore : Singapore Institute of Food Science
Call# T990261

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JournalProceedings of the 6th ASEAN Food Conference. Raffles City Convention Centre, Westin Stamford
AbstractPeanut products can be divided into two groups. One is directly consumption in the form of in-the-pod to be processed into boiled or roasted products. Shelled peanut is used to be processed into many kinds of peanut products such as fried/roasted peanut, coated fried peanut, ground roasted peanut, peanut butter bar, peanut-sugarbar, ground peanut-sugarbar, fried peanut patties, peanut tempeh, partially peanut flour and defatted peanut flour. The another is used as food ingredient in many products, such as Satay sauce, stuff in many products, used of peanut flour as protein source in Chinese type noodle and Thai sausage. All the mentioned peanut products had run consumer acceptance to the target groups. They are moderately accepted. Only Chinese type noodle had run the market test in the city, and got a good result.
Descript776 p. ; 347-351
NoteTP368.A83 1997
SubjectPeanut product--acceptability