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Author C. Tansakul
TitleExopolysaccharides from lactic acid bacteria in Thailand/C. Tansakul ... [et al.]
ImprintSingapore : Singapore Institute of Food Science
Call# T990271

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JournalProceedings of the 6th ASEAN Food Conference. Raffles City Convention Centre, Westin Stamford
AbstractLactic Acid Bacteria (LAB)isolated from fermented foods and sugarcane juice in Thailand was screened for exopolysaccharides (EPS)production. From these 127 isolates, two rods haped and twenty-one sphere-shaped LABs were able to produce EPS from sucrose on MRS solid media. However, only the cocci were capable of producing EPS in liquid media. Sixteen of these isolates were identified as Leuconostoc mesenteroides and the other five as Pediococcus pentosaceus. In MRS/sucrose broth, the amount of EPS produced by P. pentosaceus and L. mesenteroides were in ranges of 2.5-6 and 1.9-2.1 g/l, respectively. The partially purified EPS produced by these strains were shown to be neutral polysaccharides consisting predominately of glucose. The polysaccharides are water-soluble and have shear-thinning properties. The viscosity of the polysaccharides was compared with that of 1% xanthan gum and their molecular weight were also determined.
Descript776 p. ; 707-714
NoteTP368.A83 1997
Lactic acid bacteria