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Author Plernchai Tangkanakul
TitleStudy on the nutrient contents of commercial snacks
ImprintSingapore : Singapore Institute of Food Science
Call# IFRPD T990276

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JournalProceedings of the 6th ASEAN Food Conference. Raffles City Convention Centre, Westin Stamford
AbstractWe carried out analytical study of chemical composition in snack foods. Six types of snack foods as potatoes, seasoning-flour, corn, squid, fishsnacks and crispy peas and beans, including 63 brands, from local retail markets were analysed for chemical composition, sodium and monosodium glutamate (MSG)contents. There were 2.44-11.06 g/100 g of protein and 7.06-36.65 g/100 g of fat in products of potatoes, seasoning-flour and corn. Roasted squid and fish products had higher protein and lesser fat than crispy peas and beans (21.18-64.78 versus 14.48-20.36 g/100 g and 0.26-2.92 versus 7.89-39.41 g/100 g). Most of the snack foods contained energy ranged from 399.10-555.89 Kcal., whereas squid and fish products had less than 355 Kcal. The sodium and MSG contents in potatoes, seasoning flour, corn and crispy peas and beans products ranged from 195.9-1,126.8 mg/100 g and less than 1.58 percent, respectively. Squid and fish products had the alarming high level of sodium (1,658.4-2,797.5 mg/100 g)and less than 3.24 percent of MSG.
Descript776 p. ; 742-748
NoteTP368.A83 1997
SubjectSnack analysis
Monosodium Glutamate