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Author P. Jittanoonta
TitleFood safety on utilization of solar-dried Thai Spirulina/P. Jittanoonta ... [et al.]
Call# T990493

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AbstractSolar-dried Thai Spirulina strain TH-S-02 was analysed for possible mycotoxin, pesticides, heavy metals including microbial contaminations. The safety on utilization of algae was evaluated by animal trials in rats for 12 wks with feeding diets containing 0, 10, 20 and 30% algae. No significant differences in hematology, blood chemistry and urine sediments in animals of the same sex were observed. However, cholesterol levels in the control females were significantly lower than the algal diet groups. -- At termination, gross autopsy findings and histopathological studies on important organs showed no evidence of abnormalities. Besides, the highest total intake of nucleic acid obtained from this investigation was still below 2.6 g as recommended by PAG guidelines for an acceptable daily intake of nucleic acid from unconventional source.
Descriptvol.33 no.2 ; 277-283
SubjectSpirulina--safety test
Food safety