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Author Sirilak Suwanrangsi
TitleIncidence of Salmonella in fishery products
ImprintBangkok : The Department of Fisheries, 1999
Call# T990502

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JournalFish Technology Research
AbstractContamination of Salmonella in various processed and non-processed fishery products was surveyed during May 1996-1997. Samples included 5,219 fishery products were collected from 72 processors in the central and eastern region of Thailand. Contamination of Salmonella spp. was found in 91 samples (1.74 percent). Twenty two serovars were detected. The top ten serovars found were Salmonella Weltevreden, representing 45 percent, S. Enteritidis 5 percent, S. Senftenberg 5 percent, S. Brunei 4 percent, S. Anatum 3 percent, S. Virchow 3 percent, S. Stanley 3 percent, S. Hadar 3 percent, S. Parathyphi 3 percent and S. Caen 3 percent. Products contaminated were frozen raw shrimp 1.6 percent, frozen processed shrimp 1.9 percent, fillets of marine fish 3.3 percent, frozen freshwater fish 5.8 percent, frozen cephalopods 1.4 and other products 1.2 percent. Appropriate and effective control measures, somehow, can either be and not be used to control salmonella contamination in final products, since the sources of serovars isolated from this survey were not only from fish handlers and process environment, but also naturally from raw material culture site particularly of aquacultured fish and shrimp.
Descriptv3, 111 p. ; 14-24
Fishery product--microbiology