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Author Aroon Bangtrakulnonth
Alternative Title public health problem ?
ImprintBangkok, 1993
Call# T930272

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Journal11th international symposium of the world association of veterinary food hygienists 24-29 October 1993 / edited by Pringsri Ingkaninun and Prachak Poomvises
AbstractWHO National Salmonella and Shigella Center, Thailand were analyzed and found that the incidence of Salmonella enteritidis has been dramatically increased since 1990. The average S.enteritidis isolates from human patient samples was 0.70+-0.41% of the total reported Salmonella isolates during 1972-1989 and increased to 1.33, 2.98, 9.54 and 16.98% in 1990, 1991, 1992 and January-June 1993, respectively. The available data had suggested it is related to the increasing of S.enteritidis isolates from chicken and chicken meat rather than eggs and other sources.
NoteOrganized by the Thai Veterinary Medical Association under the Royal Patronage