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Author Kasem Nantachai
TitleSensory perceptions of sugar cane juices/Kasem Nantachai ... [et al.]
Alternative Titleการรับรู้ทางประสาทสัมผัสของผู้บริโภคที่มีต่อน้ำอ้อยพันธุ์ต่างๆ
Call# T000276

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JournalKKU Research Journal (วารสารวิจัย มข.)
AbstractThe aim of this study was to identify sensory perceptions and hedonic responses toward juices of 7 sugarcane varieties. Sensory attributes were elicited using a technique that was modified from the repertory grid technique. The most frequently occurring terms and a hedonic scale were compiled into a questionnaire used to profile the sensory perceptions of sugarcane juices. Twenty one female and twenty one male respondents rated 7 sugarcane juices on 100-mm line scales to indicate the degree of liking toward each juice and how intense of each juice for each of the sensory attributes listed. These data were subjected to principal component analysis. Two principal components were found to describe the underlying sensory dimensions of the sugar cane juices. They were designated as "liking, naturalness and freshness" and "appearance and sweetness". The respondents seem to like juice samples providing sensations of high naturalness and freshness. The well-liked juices are also perceived to have light colour, low turbidity and low sweetness. The sugarcane juice of U-thong variety is most liked by the respondents.
Descriptvol.2 no.1 Jan.-Jun. ; 10-17
SubjectSugar cane juice
Beverage--sensory evaluation