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Author Suparat Reungmaneepaitoon
TitleProcess for preparing pre-fried and frozen sweetpotato french-fry type products
Call# IFRPD T000354

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AbstractThree processes for producing pre-fried and frozen sweetpotato French-fry type products were investigated. The best process was obtained by blanching sweetpotato strips in 0.5% of disodium acid pyrophosphate (SAPP)solution for 1-2 min, followed by partially frying in hot oil at 176 degree C. for 20 sec. These sweetpotato strips were partially dehydrated with hot air oven at 176 degree C. for 4 min, packaged in LDPE bags, and then stored at -20 degree C. Chemical, physical and sensory properties of a sweetpotato French-fry type product were also determined. Analysis included measurements of yields, moisture loss during process, moisture content, reducing sugar, oil content, vitamin C, color, texture and sensory panel scores for color, odor, flavor and texture.The best process produced a pre-fried sweetpotato product contained reducing sugar and oil content of about 2-3% and 7-10% respectively. The pre-fried products had a good stability in frozen storage for one year period and were acceptable in the sensory scores for color, odor, flavor and texture.
Descriptvol.34 no.1 ; 98-106
SubjectSweetpotato french fry
French fry