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Author Plernchai Tangkanakul
TitleDevelopment of instant high fiber processed food/Plernchai Tangkanakul ... [et al.]
Call# T000356

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AbstractFive high fiber processed foods were formulated by using high fiber sources such as beans, unpolished rice, sesame. The product formulas were: I)kidney bean:unpolished rice:white sesame (70:20:10), II)kidney bean:sweetpotato:Job's tears seed (45:35:20), III)mungbean:pineapple:pumpkin (50:30:20), IV)corn:mungbean:unpolished rice (60:30:10), and V)banana:pumkin:corn:unpolished rice (30:25:25:20). These products were prepared in powder form by drum dryer and then ground with pin mill. The particle size, bulk density and viscosity of the plain products ranged from 141.6-186.5 um, 0.75-0.82 g/ml and 1,750-7,208 cps, respectively. After flavoring with sugar, skimmed milk, cocoa of vanilla, the Water Absorption Index (WAI)and water activity (aw)of flavored products ranged from 2.81-5.9 and 0.27-0.31, respectively. Flavored products prepared for sensory evaluation were conducted by adding warm water in four different ratio, products to water as 1:3, 1:4, 1:5 and 1:6 by weight. The results showed that the ratio 1:4 of most formulas had scores of acceptance ranged form 6.29-7.35 which was higher than the other ratios. Protein, fat and total dietary fiber of all flavored products ranged from 14.54-20.50, 1.20-4.25, and 5.89-11.88 g/100g, respectively.
Descriptvol.34 no.1 ; 117-124
SubjectHigh fiber
Instant food
Dietary fiber