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Author Sakorn Dhanamitta
Alternative TitleNutrition and safety consideration in processed food
Call# T940075

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JournalProceedings of the ASEAN-AUSTRALIA Workshop on the Identification of R
AbstractFood science and technology plays a vital role in food production for the World's population. Through various means of processing and preservation, more foods are made available, can be kept for a longer period and distributed as necessary. At the same time, however, these processing and preservation techniques are capable of causing deterioration in food quality in terms of nutrition and safety. For example, high-temperature processing can reduce the amount of vitamins in food products as well as produce harmful chemicals such as nitroso compounds and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. The level of chemical additives used in foods is also a great concern along with the level of naturally occurring toxic substances and agricultural, microbial and industrial contaminants. Therefore, it is essential that food manufacturing processes and finished products should be evaluated and monitored for their safety and nutritional values. Research and scientific analysis are required in this area to ensure processed food quality. More emphasis should be placed on the interactions in food science and technology and nutrition.
SubjectProcessed food safety