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Author Kraisid Tontisirin
Alternative TitleNutritional and safety consideration of processed food
Call# T940076

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JournalProceedings of the ASEAN-AUSTRALIA Workshop on the Identification of R
AbstractNational and international organization have striven to improve the health of people throughout the world. It is recognized that diets should contain all the necessary nutrients in optimal amunts to fulfill the human's requirements and for obtaining in this mammer, fresh food is recommended to be used. However, it is made difficult because in certain seasons, especially at harvest time, many foods are overabundant. Attempts have therefore always been made by food preservation and processing. Although various employed techniques become more benefit in these processes, it must be acknowledged that nutrient loss or inactivation often does accompany food processing, handling and storage and this reduction in nutritive value of food can be substantial in some situations. Moreover, some toxicchemical compounds or microorganisms may do occur during such processes. Much is known about the means by which nutrients are inactivated during food processing also remain to be learned. Food industry, research need involving the intact organizations should urgently take their roles for improving their techniques and interventions. Strategies for control and prevention of food hazard are also recommended.
SubjectProcessed food safety