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Author Pimpan, Vimolvan
TitlePreliminary study on preparation of biodegradable plastic from modified cassava starch/Vimolvan Pimpan, Korawan Ratanarat and Mullika Pongchawanakul
Alternative Titleการศึกษาเบื้องต้นในการเตรียมพลาสติกที่ย่อยสลายทางชีวภาพจากแป้งมันสำปะหลังดัดแปร
Call# T020091

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JournalJ. Sci. Res. Chula. Univ.
AbstractModified cassava starch was prepared from the reaction between starch and maleic anhydride using sodium hydroxide as catalyst and water as solvent. After the reaction finished, the product was neutralized with hydrochloric acid solution. Plastic sheets can be prepared from the modified starch by casting. Preliminary studies on characteristics and some properties of these plastic sheets were done using several techniques. It was found that the amount of maleic anhydride plays an important role in changing the chemical structures of the modified starch and the characteristics of the plastic sheets whereas the reaction time does not affect them. The plastic sheets are fully biodegradable. They are insoluble in typical solvents such as chloroform or in acidic solution at both room and elevated temperatures while they are soluble in hot basic solution. It was also found that modified starch-based plastic sheets have lower glass transition temperatures, lower melting points, higher moisture absorption and higher hardness than unmodified starch-based plastic sheets.
Descriptvol.26 no.2 ; 117-125
SubjectBiodegradable plastic
Modified cassava starch