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Author Yaovadee Cuptapun
Alternative TitleNutritional evaluation of dried surimi residue in rats
ImprintKhula Lumpur, 1994
Call# T940174

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Journal5th ASEAN Food Conference / Food Technology Research Center, MARDI. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 26-29 July 1994
AbstractThe protein quality in dried surimi residue was comparable with control casein given the PER of 2.50 as corrected to 2.50 for casein whereas the results from NPU, BV and TDA were quite satisfied with the values of 79.96, 86.01 and 92.97% respectively. The desirable values of PER, NPU, BV and TD should be at the level of at least 2, 65-70%, 70-75% and 80-90% respectively for acceptable good quality product. The results from this study indicated that dried surimi residues was one of a good source for low cost high protein foods suitable for promotion to publics and at the same time be values added to the product.
SubjectDried surimi residue--analysis