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Alternative TitleCarrageenan and maltodextrin as partial fat replacement in pork sausage fortified with delignified rice bran
ImprintKhula Lumpur, 1994
Call# T940176

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Journal5th ASEAN Food Conference / Food Technology Research Center, MARDI. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 26-29 July 1994
AbstractEvidence from this study reaffirms the effective use of carrageenan as a fat replacer in pork sausages with ability to retain flavour and textural qualities of high-fat control sausages. Potato-starch maltodextrin of dextrose equivalent 14 at a gel concentration of 56% however failed to retain the textural characteristics but this negative attribute as demonstrated in this study can be improved by its combination with carrageenan. The addition of defatted rice bran generally resulted in lower scores for overall acceptability but its use, limited at 2%, can still be accepted sensorily in some of the formulations while contributing to a substantial increase in fiber content of the low-fat pork sausage product.
Pork sausage--fat replacement
Rice bran--fortification