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Author R. Wattanapat
Alternative TitleKinetics of defatted peanut flour hydrolysis
ImprintKhula Lumpur, 1994
Call# T940179

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Journal5th ASEAN Food Conference / Food Technology Research Center, MARDI. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 26-29 July 1994
AbstractRates of hydrolysis of protein and destruction of reducing sugars were most rapid at 120 deg C and in 5N HC1. About 90% of total amino acids were released after 4 hr. The overall rate of reaction followed second-order kinetics as monitored by the generation of free amino acids over time. This relationship was reliable for all acid and temperature treatment conditions when the extent of hydrolysis was less than 80%. The rate of hydrolysis of peanut protein was about 2.2 times faster for every 10 deg C increase. Hydrolysis in 3N HC1 was about 2.3 times faster than in 3N HC1 at the same temperature. The activation energy was = 24 kcal mol-1. The rate of liberation of individual amino acids with respect to temperature and HC1 concentration, however, varied. The pH (5.72), specific gravity (1.20), total solids (402 mg ml-1), and reducing sugar (2.9 mg ml-1)contents of peanut hydrolysate are similar to those of commercial soy sauce or seasoning sauce made by chemical processes. Glutamic acid, aspartic acid, and arginine are the major amino acids in peanut hydrolysate. Aflatoxin B1 was totally destroyed during acid hydrolysis.
SubjectPeanut flour hydrolysis
Protein hydrolysis