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Author Boontaveeyuwat, Naiyana
TitleDoes brown rice decrease iron availability of rice - based meals?/Naiyana Boontaveeyuwat, Daungporn Keawsiri
Alternative Titleข้าวกล้องลดแร่ธาตุเหล็กที่ใช้ประโยชน์ได้จริงหรือ
Call# T050106

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JournalJournal of the Nutrition Association of Thailand (วารสารโภชนาการ)
AbstractBrown rice is high in phytate which is known as inhibitor of iron availability. The objective of this study was to investigate the influence of brown rice on the iron availability of rice-based meals. Three different meal sets were designed for the study. Meal 1 was a rice-vegetable meal with a high tannic acid content. Meal 2 was a rice-vegetable meal with a high ascorbic acid content. Meal 3 was a rice-vegetable-pork meal; the ingredients were the same as for Meal 2 with 60 g of pork added. Each meal was composed of 60 g of rice. Of the different rice types, white, brown or white-brown mixed (1:1), the same quantities were replaced in each meal to study the influence on iron availability. An in vitro digestion method was determined for dialyzable iron which was applied to be an indicator of iron availability from the meals. The results showed that the brown rice-based meal had significantly higher total iron and phytate content than the white and mixed rice meals. The dialyzable iron in the brown rice significantly decreased from the white rice meal in all meal sets. The white-brown mixed rice had dialyzable iron value higher than white rice meal in high ascorbic acid and meat containing meal sets. Variations of brown rice effect on iron availability was therefore depended on different proportion of white and brown rice, inhibitors and enhancers in the study meal sets.
Descriptvol.39 no.2 ; 10-16
SubjectDialyzable iron
Brown rice