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Author Patcharee Tungtrakul
TitleEvaluation of Thai foods prepared with soluble fiber composite from rice bran and barley flour/Patcharee Tungtrakul ... [et al.]
Call# T050213

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AbstractSoluble fiber composite from rice bran and barley, which substituted for coconut cream in Thai foods, was found to give acceptable Thai foods with lower saturated fat contents. It was possible to reduce the saturated fats in Kanom Ping Kaset, pumpkin pudding, layer cake, dip sauce for fried pot crust, taro custard and saute chicken curry by 47.78, 94.28, 59.75, 75.27, 61.3 and 60.61%, respectively. The Kanom Ping Kaset, at a 40% fiber gel substitution, showed and increased textural firmness and a cholesterol reduction of 20.49%. Pumpkin pudding, at a 100% substitution level, produced a softer semi-moist texture with a reduction of 94.28% saturated fat. Layer cake displayed a colorful and elastic product at lower substitution levels. However, at higher level it became less colorful with a tougher texture. The dip for fried pot crust increased suspension viscosity with increasing fiber gel substitution levels. Taro custard, even at 80% substitution, had good acceptability scores. The texture was preferable as it contained cereal, which gave the product more moisture. The saute chicken curry sauce became thicker when the fiber gel substitution was increased. The differences in texture and flavor, however, appeared to make small changes in the overall score of general acceptability or suitability of the fiber gel foods.
Descriptvol.38 no.4 ; 531-538
SubjectRice bran
Barley flour
Coconut cream
Low fat food