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Author บัณฑิต จริโมภาส
Alternative TitleDevelopment of pomelo waxing machine
Imprintนครปฐม : ศูนย์เครื่องจักรกลการเกษตรแห่งชาติ, 2536
Call# T930061

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AbstractThis research was to develop a prototype of fruit waxing machine. The waxing machine consisted of wax-spraying chamber (120 cm wide, 150 cm long, with 4 spraying nozzles and 10 rotating brushes to thinnen wax on fruit surface and move waxed fruits ahead)and heat chamber (120 cm wide, 200 cm long)heat was generated out of 2, 1000-watt infra-red bulbs. Testing resulted the machine could well wax Thong-Dee pomeloes at the feed rate of 4 tons/hr. Heat chamber helped drying wax on pomelo surface, which shortened the packing line of packing house. Heat from the heat chamber when feeding at the belt speed of 68 cm/min did not injure pomelo quality, comparing with those which were the control. Wind from electric fan was applied to help, dry the wax on fruit surface. Waxing on the dry surface pumeloes required shorter time than that on the wet ones. At 45 deg C heat chamber and 68 cm/min belt speed, it took 55 seconds to blow air to additionally dry the pomeloes'surface.
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Pomelo waxing machine