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Author Milintawisamai, Nipa
TitleIsolation of microorganisms exhibiting high invertase activity/Nipa Milintawisamai, Seksit Promputta, and Suwanna Niamsanit
Alternative Titleการแยกเชื้อจุลินทรีย์ที่มีกิจกรรมของเอนไซม์อินเวอร์เทสสูง
Call# FOOD 6264

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JournalKKU Research Journal (วารสารวิจัย มข.)
AbstractInvertase catalyzes sucrose into glucose and fructose. In this research, microorganisms exhibiting high invertase activity were isolated from sugarcane juice, sugarcane stalks and soil from northeastern Thailand. The 148 colonies on the PCA, MRS and ME agar media containing 20% sucrose were firstly selected. The isolates with high growth potential were further screened in complete and basal salt minimum liquid media containing 10% sucrose at 30 degree C. The microorganisms isolated from sugarcane juice were seven isolates of yeasts. The results showed that Candida guilliermondii 3M4.1, Cryptococcus humicolus (Candida humicola)5M2 and 6M3.1, Saccharomyces cerevisiae MM2.1, 6M4.1, 7M3.1.1 and 7M3.2.1 had a sucrose consumption rate of 13.45, 20.38, 19.96, 12.23, 22.97, 13.98 and 20.37 g/l/h, respectively. All the isolates exhibited extracellular and intracellular invertase activities during the early log phase and stationary phase. The crude intracellular invertase activities (30-90 U/mg)of all isolates were higher than extracellular invertase activities (0.1-0.9 U/mg). S. cerevisiae 6M4.1 had both the highest activities of intracellular (crude cell extract)and extracellular invertase activity of 90.96 U/mg and 0.95 U/mg at the stationary phase respectively. The results indicate that S. cerevisiae 6M4.1 has the potential for invertase production.
Descriptvol.13 no.1 ; 5-14
sugarcane juice