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Author ผ่องเพ็ญ รัตตกูล
Alternative Author กรมประมง
Imprintกรุงเทพฯ : กอง, [2531?]
Call# T930063

CALL # Volume Number Month Year Barcode Status

Journalรายงานประจำปี 2530-2531 / กองพัฒนาอุตสาหกรรมสัตว์น้ำ กรมประมง
AbstractThe freshwater catfish (Duk-Oui-Ted)was used to produce fermented fish. The proportion between fish and salt (80% purity)was 3:1 (w/w)after well mixed then stored in less oxygen condition in the jug, or earthen jar for 1-2 months. Take out the salted fish and mixed with 15-20 percents roasted ground rice or 10 percents of rice-bran then re-packed again into the almost anaerobic condition for 2-3 months to get the maturity of the fermented fish with the good quality, high and rich in nutritive value and harmful microorganisms (enteropathogenic ba-cteria)have not been found.