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Author Temiyaputra, Wongwat
Alternative Author Kasetsart University
TitleInfluences of anthraquinone extraction techniques from Morinda sp. on extraction efficiency/Wongwat Temiyaputra ... [et al.]
Alternative Titleผลกระทบของเทคนิคการสกัดสารแอนทราควิโนนจากต้นยอต่อประสิทธิภาพการสกัด
ImprintBangkok : Kasetsart University, 2008
Call# FOOD 6338

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JournalThe Proceedings of 46th Kasetsart University Annual Conference; No.7, Subject: Agro-Industry, 29 January - 1 February 2008 / Organized by Kasetsart University ... [et al.]
AbstractThe comparison of anthraquinone levels in root, stem, bark and leaf of Morinda sp. were investigated. The roots contained the highest specific concentration of anthraquinone at 103.2 +- 4.8 mg/g dried mass, followed by stem (45.3 +- 6.3 mg/g), bark (6.90 +- 0.3 mg/g)and leaf (1.20 +- 0.6 mg/g). Four extraction techniques were employed to extract anthraquinone from the roots of Morinda sp. Soxhlet apparatus was utilized in the first technique with 50% (v/v)methanol as an extraction solvent. It was found that 14.6 +- 1.0 mg/g dried roots powder was extracted with the expenses of 3.97 +- 0.17 Baht/mg anthraquinone. This was compared to the second extraction method at room temperature with 80% (v/v)acetone and 50% (v/v)ethanol that led to the highest concentration of extracted anthraquinone at 38.9 +- 1.6 and 27.0 +- 6.9 mg/g with the accompanied cost of 2.94 +- 0.12 and 1.42 +- 0.36 Baht/mg, respectively. The third extraction procedure was carried out in the pressurized steamer at 1 bar and 100 degree C for 5 min with 80% (v/v)ethanol. The highest level of extracted anthraquinone was 95.3 +- 0.6 mg/g at the price of 4.28 +- 0.03 Baht/mg. The last method of extraction was performed in the closed-circuit solid-liquid extraction unit at room temperature. Although the extraction cost was relative small (1.50 +- 0.08 Baht/mg), the specific concentration obtained was not high (only 2.27 +- 0.11 mg/g).
Descript677 p. ; 171-182
SubjectMorinda sp.
anthraquinone extraction
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