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Author Songpim, Molnapat
Alternative Author Kasetsart University
TitleOptimization of pectate lyase production from Paenibacillus polymyxa N10 in submerged fermentation using response surface methodology/Molnapat Songpim ... [et al.]
ImprintBangkok : Kasetsart University, 2008
Call# FOOD 6378

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JournalThe Proceedings of 46th Kasetsart University Annual Conference; No.7, Subject: Agro-Industry, 29 January - 1 February 2008 / Organized by Kasetsart University ... [et al.]
AbstractThe effectiveness for optimization of pectate lyase production from Paenibacillus polymyxa N10 was studied using central composite design with three factors: agitation speed (x subscript 1, 100-300 rpm), temperature (X subscript 2, 25-45 degree C)and pH (X subscript 3, 5.5-9.5). It was found that the most significant factors influencing enzyme production were temperature and pH. The second order polynomial regression model obtained was fitted and found adequate, with an R superscript 2 of 0.9600 (p<0.001). From the result of this optimization, maximum pectate lyase activity at 84.5 U/ml was achieved at temperature 35 degree C, pH 8 and an agitation speed 200 rpm.
Descript677 p. ; 621-629
SubjectPaenibacillus polymyxa
response surface methodology
pectate lyase
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