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Author Tewtrakul, Supinya
TitleAnti-allergic and anti-microbial activities of some Thai crops/Supinya Tewtrakul ... [et al.]
Call# FOOD 6437

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JournalSongklanakarin J. Sci. Technol.
AbstractThirteen Thai crops including banana, okra, jackfruit, germinated rice, rambutan, durian, jampadah, huasa potato, tamarind, coconut, mango, fan palm fruit and dioscorea tuber were tested for anti-allergic effect using RBL-2H3 cells and anti-microbial activity. These 13 crops, some of which included different parts, e.g. skin, flesh, and seed, were extracted with four solvents separately [(95% ethanol (EtOH), 50% EtOH, water (W)and hot water (HW)], respectively, to obtain 112 extracts. Among these extracts, mango seed in 50% EtOH possessed the highest anti-allergic activity against antigen-induced beta-hexosaminidase release as a marker of degranulation in RBL-2H3 cells with an IC (subscript 50)value of 7.5+-0.8 ug/ml, followed by banana (W,IC (subscript 50)=13.5+-2.4 ug/ml),okra (W,IC (subscript 50)=13.6+-3.1 ug/ml), jampadah skin (HW,IC (subscript 50)= 13.8+-3.9 ug/ml), tamarind seed coat (HW,IC (subscript 50)= 14.2+-3.1 ug/ml), jampadah flesh (W,IC (subscript 50)=14.6+-3.1 ug/ml); whereas other crops possessed IC (subscript 50)values from 21.5->100 ug/ml. Moreover, the plants showing high anti-allergic effects were also possessed marked anti-bacterial activity. Rambutan peel, mango seed and tamarind seed coat exhibited appropriate anti-bacterial activity against Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus subtilis and Pseudomonas aeruginosa with MIC values ranging from 250-2,000 ug/ml, but did not show any effect towards Escherichai coli and Candida albicans. This study indicates that these Thai crops may have potential as functional foods and neutraceuticals for treatment of allergy, allergy-related diseases and some bacterial infections.
Descript467-473 ; vol.30 no.4
SubjectThai crops
anti-microbial activity
anti-allergic activity
RBL-2H3 cells
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