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Author Reungmaneepaitoon Suparat
TitleDevelopment of instant noodles from high-iron rice and iron-fortified rice flour/Reungmaneepaitoon Suparat ... [et al.]
Call# FOOD 6502

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JournalSongklanakarin J. Sci. Technol.
AbstractInstant high-iron noodles, prepared from wheat flour and high iron brown rice flour, were developed. Three varieties of rice flour, Suphan Buri 90 (SB), Homnin 313 (HW)and Homnin 1000 (HP), containing amylose content of 30.40, 19.10 and 15.74% (w/w)and iron content of 1.24, 2.04 and 2.22 (mg/100 g)respectively, were used to replace wheat flour for instant fried noodle production. To determine the physicochemical properties and acceptability of instant fried noodles, different percentages (30, 40, 50%)(w/w)of each rice flour sample were used. The instant fried noodles were fortified with ferrous sulphate at levels of 0, 32, 64% iron of RDI per serving. Increasing amount of iron content in the mixtures decreased the L* value, b* value and increased a* value for the color of the instant fried noodle with brown rice flour. The texture characteristic of the noodles with 30, 40, 50% replacement with each variety of brown rice flour were significantly different from those of wheat noodle. Tensile force of the noodles decreased from 11.57+-1.30 g to 6.38+-1.45 g (SB), 8.36+-0.96 g to 5.71+-0.57 g (HP)and 10.09+-1.20 g to 5.46+-1.31 g (HW)as the rice flour content increased from 30 to 50%. The sensory acceptability of the noodles made from each variety of 30% brown rice flour fortified with 32% iron of RDI had higher preference scores for elasticity, firmness, color and overall acceptability, than those with 64% iron of RDI. Instant fried noodles with HW and HP brown rice flour were subjected to consumer test using 100 rural primary school children. The frequency percent of the acceptability scores of the noodle with HP and HW were 88 and 84% respectively. Shelf life study revealed that the developed products were still acceptable up to 4 months. These products were claimed to be high iron noodle.
Descript713-721 ; vol.30 no.6
Subjectbrown rice flour
instant fried noodle
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