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Author Kulvadee Trongpanich
Alternative Author Kasetsart University
Alternative TitleUtilization of soybeans in food processing
ImprintBangkok : IFRPD, 1991
Call# IFRPD T930070

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JournalTraining course on food products development / IFRPD, Kasetsart University
AbstractFor soymilk processing, cleaning of soybean, soaking, grinding, boiling, milk extraction, homoginization, filling and heat treatment are made. Most commercial soymilk is packed in 3 ways; no heat treatment, or sterilization in cans or UHT process. Soymilk may be processed from Soy protein isolate (SPI)or full fat soy flour. Chemical composition, nutritive value and biological evaluation ofsoy products were made by various organization. -- The cookies or Kanom Ping Kaset composes of flour, fat, water, salt etc. It is produced by the methods of margarine -- Soymilk can be prepared for tofu (beancurd)making by using coagulants.
SubjectSoybean product
Soy fortified cookie
Kanom Ping Kaset