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Author Teerawat Sarutayophat
TitleCorrelation and path coefficient analysis for yield and its components in vegetable soybean
ImprintVol.34 No.3, May - June 2012
Call# FOOD 7043

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AbstractThe associations of yield and its components offer important information in breeding plants. A study was conducted at the experimental field of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology. King Mongut?s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Bangkok on 22 genotypes of the vegetable soybean to determine the association of yield and its components. The association was analyzed by correlation coefficient, and further subjected by path coefficient analysis to estimate direct and indirect effects of each character on pod yield. Positive and significant correlation were found between the plant height and number of marketable pods/plant (0.821**), plant height and marketable pod yield (0.520*), and number of marketable pods/plant and marketable pod yield (0.822**). Negative and significance was determine between the plant height and green pod weight (-0.620**), and number of marketable pods/plant and green pod weight (-0.588**). Direct effects of the number of marketable pods/plant and green pod weight on marketable pod yield were positive and significant with path coefficients of 1.310** and 0.707**, respectively. Indirect effect of the plant height on marketable pod yield through its association with number of marketable pods/plant, green pod weight and plant height were important characters that should be taken into account as selection criteria in improving marketable pod yield of the vegetable soybean.
DescriptPages: 273-277
Subjectvegetable soybean
relationship between characters
correlation coefficient
path coefficient analysis