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Author Rawee Teanpaisan
Alternative Author Supatcharin Piwat
Santad Wichienchot
Akom Wannun
Aksorntong Chooruk
TitleSurvival rates of human-derived probiotic Lactobacillus paracasei SD1 in milk powder using spray drying
ImprintVol.34 No.3, May - June 2012
Call# FOOD 7042

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AbstractSpray drying of skim milk has been evaluated as a mean of preserving Lactobacillus paracasei SD1, which is a human-derived strain with probiotic potential. Our experiments revealed that and air outlet temperature of 80 ?C was optimal for spray drying. Such condition resulted in powder with moistute contents of 3.44?0.85% and viable counts of 7.5?0.20 x 10? CFU/g. Althrough the probiotic strain appeared to be stressed from spray drying, bacteriocin production by L. paracasei SD1 was not affected by the process. The level survival of L. paracasei SD1 remained constant at 10? CFU/g during 6 months of powder storage at 4 ?C, while a decline in the level of survival was observed for storage of powder at 25 ?C. Our data demonstrate that spray drying may be a cost-effective way to produce a large quantity of the probiotic L. paracasei SD1.
DescriptPages: 241-245
Lactobacillus paracasei SD1
skim milk
spray drying