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Author Somchai Prabhavat
Alternative Author Kasetsart University
Alternative TitleFlour and starch preparation and utilization
ImprintBangkok : IFRPD, 1991
Call# IFRPD T930071

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JournalTraining course on food products development / IFRPD, Kasetsart University
AbstractFlour and starch from mungbean, soybean, peanut, sesame, sources of protein food are produced for making texturized products by village texturizer i.e. mungbean protein isolate, Kaset protein, Salim etc. The texture of these productsare modified to be better in to make better softness and crispness by adding either rice flour or wheat flour or cassava starch. -- For noodle production, chinese noodles and modern instant noodles were produced by using the good quality flour. Instant noodle is generally made by passing through the process of wheat flour feeding, kneading, sheeting and rolling,steaming, molding, frying and drying, cooling and packing.
SubjectSoybean composition
Mungbean composition
Textured protein
Kaset protein
Noodle process
Mungbean starch