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Author Pairoj Viriyajaree
Alternative TitleNham product development by use of bacterial starter culture
ImprintKhon Kaen : Fac Technology Khon Kaen Univ, 1994
Call# IFRPD T950176

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Abstract The color and texture of Nham (fermented pork sausage)were improved by using lactic acid bacteria in fermenting system. The 1.09% lactic acid should be produced from bacterial starter cultures, when Nham formula composed of 3% boiled rice and 1% boiled glutinous rice. For formula mixed with 4% ground fresh garlic, 0.05% ground pepper and 1% ground chilli pepper which fermented at temp 30 deg. C for 48 hours should activated lactic acid production to 1.22%. The firmness and sourness of Nham were accepted by panels. The formula that composed of 500 ppm Sodiumnitrate and 200 ppm Sodiumnitrite should produce the good pale red color.
SubjectNham processing/development
Lactic acid bacteria/Nham processing
Nham processing/starter
Nham marketing
Fermented pork sausage