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Author TISI
ImprintBangkok : Thai Industrial Standard Institute, 1995
Call# IFRPD T950196

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Abstract In this standard, Sai krog isan or typical fermented pork sausage must be made from pork, lard, rice and flavours. No colour are allowed. Preservatives used must be phosphate and Na or K polyphosphate and must be less than 3,000 mg/kg, Na or K-Nitrite not more than 125 mg/kg. No Salmonella have to be detected from 25 g sample. Staphylococcas aurenus and Clostridium perfringens must not be presented in 0.1 g sample. For E. coli, less than 3 from 1 g sample is accepted. Not more than 100 colonies of mould are allowed for 1 g sample.
SubjectFermented pork sausage/standard
Standard/fermented pork sausage
Sai Krog Isan/standard
Isan sausage/standard
TIS fermented pork sausage