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Author Jaturong Kumla
Alternative Author Saisamorn Lumyong
Boonsom Bussaban
Amornrat Jaiyasen
Nakarin Suwannarach
TitleDevelopment of an Edible Wild Strain of Thai Oyster Mushroom for Economic Mushroom Production
Call# FOOD 7361

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AbstractThe edible oyster mushroom genus Pleurotus are collected and cultivated in many countries. In 2011, fruiting body of Pleurotus giganteus was collected from northern Thailand and pure culture was isolated. The fungal identification based on morphology and molecular characteristics. In this paper we report the optimum in vitro culture conditions and the fruiting bodies production. Among ten culture media tested, potato dextrose agar was the best for the mycelia growth. The fungus was able to grow at temperatures ranging from 15-35oC, with an optimal growth temperature of 25oC. The optimum pH for mycelia growth was 7.0. In addition, the fruiting bodies induction conditions of this fungus were examined in pure culture. The primordia were formed under lowered temperature, high humidity and a 12 h light photoperiod conditions and developed to mature fruit-body. For the spawn production, sorghum grain was the suitable solid substrates for spawn production of P. giganteus. Pleurotus giganteus could grow on sawdust and produced the mature fruiting bodies as well as casing with soil layer induced the primordial production. This report provides valuable information for the first time concerning the possibility to cultivation P. giganteus in Thailand.
Subjectagaricomycetous mushroom
Pleurotus giganteus