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Author Ponsak Jairurob
Alternative Author Anurak Petiraksakul
Chantaraporn Phalakornkule
Chiang Mai Journal of Science
TitleSingle Effects of Reaction Parameters in Reactive Extraction of Palm Fruit for Biodiesel Production
ImprintVol.40 No.3, July 2013
Call# FOOD 7386

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AbstractBiodiesel from crude palm oil is conventionally produced via a two-step method: oil extraction and subsequent esterification/transesterification of oil to fatty acid methyl esters (FAME). In this study, a single-step in situ extraction and transesterification (collectively known as reactive extraction) of palm oil to biodiesel was investigated. The main objective of this research is to investigate the effects of operating parameters in reactive extraction of after-stripping sterilized palm fruit (A-sSPF) for biodiesel production. The process parameters studied include catalyst loading (1-4% w/v), reaction time (8-11 h) and molar ratio of methanol to oil (170:1-260:1). Results showed that a biodiesel yield of 96.13% (percentage weight of biodiesel per weight of palm oil in AsSPF) can be obtained under the following reaction conditions: 3% w/v of KOH, reaction period of 10 h, methanol to oil molar ratio of 230:1 under a reaction temperature of 60oC. The biodiesel yield based on palm fresh fruit bunch (FFB) was found to be 268.5 and 203.7 g biodiesel per kg FFB by the single-step reactive extraction and the conventional two-step extraction and transesterification, respectively. This single-step reactive extraction process is shown to be an alternative route for biodiesel production that not only reduces processing steps and capital investment but also increases the overall biodiesel yield.
DescriptPages: 401-407