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Author Pairat Sophanodora
Alternative Author Suriyun Kaewjit
Chiang Mai Journal of Science
TitleChanges in Quality of Liquid Smoked-Seasoned Oyster During Storage
ImprintVol.40 No.3, July 2013
Call# FOOD 7387

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AbstractThe purpose of this research was to monitor some physical, chemical, microbiological and sensory characteristics of liquid smoked-seasoned oyster, an intermediate moisture product, during storage. Changes in quality of the products during storage in laminate pouch (PE/ Aluminium foil/PP) under air and vacuum conditions at chilled temperature (4-10?C) and room temperature (28-32?C) for 80 days showed that different packing conditions and storage temperatures did not affect the microbiology qualities (TVC, E. coli and yeast & mold) and the sensory score for color, smoke flavor, taste, texture and overall acceptability. But the physical qualities (color and hardness) and chemical qualities (Aw, moisture and TBARS content) were significantly affected by different packing conditions and storage temperatures. The products packed under vacuum revealed the slower changes in color (L*, a* and b*) and hardness than those packed in air during storage. But Aw, moisture and TBARS content were significantly changed (p<0.05). The increase in storage temperature caused slightly decrease in L*, a* and b* and hardness value. It was also showed that products packed in both atmospheres and kept at higher temperature underwent more changes in TBARS than those kept in lower temperature throughout 80 days of storage.
DescriptPages: 540-545
liquid smoked