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Author เนตรนภิส วัฒนสุชาติ
Alternative TitleDevelopment of bakery products using glandless cottonseed flour
Call# IFRPD T950248

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AbstractThe utilization of high protein glandless cottonseed flour (CSF)in bakery products was studied. Buttercake, chiffoncake, donutcake, buttercookie, brownie, bread and pie crust were fortified with glandless-CSF at 5 to 20 percent of wheat flour weight basis and compared to standard formula. The results of sensory evaluation using 1-9 hedonic scale showed acceptance of using glandless-CSF in preparation of these bakery products. The high fortification of glandless-CSF at 20 percent was well accepted in buttercake buttercookie and brownie which had scores of characteristics and acceptability higher than 6 (6 = like slightly)while oatcookie was acceptable at 15 percent fortification. According to containing very high proportion of wheat flour, bread and pie crust had acceptance at low amount or 5 percent of glanless CSF addition. Tenderness and breaking strength measurement of the bakery products using Instron 1140 showed that the more glandless-CSF was added, the harder the products were obtained, except donutcake and brownie. Moreover proximate analysis for nutritonal quality revealed that fortification of glandless-CSF could feasibly increase protein contents of these products. At 20 percent fortification buttercake, buttercookie and brownie had 21.3 37.9 and 23.7 percent of protein contents higher than control.
Descriptปีที่ 25 ฉบับที่ 1 ; น.24-34
Bakery research