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Author ปราณี ศรีสมบูรณ์
จันทร์ฉาย แจ้งสว่าง
มาลี เจริญวิทย์วรกุล
Alternative TitleStudy on histamine content in preserved fish products
Call# T950249

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AbstractHistamine in fish products can cause food poisoning in some specific groups of people. It was worth while to make a study on histamine content of some preserved fish products with high risks and having promising volumes of exports. Fishsauce, traditional fermented fish and sun dried anchovy were selected products in this study. Fluormetric method with the detection limit of 5.0 mg/kg was used in the determination of histamine levels in the selected types of fish products. Twenty six fish sauce samples, 15 tropical style fermented fish samples and 24 sun dried anchovy samples destined for international market were analysed during November 1993 to March 1994. All samples were found to contain histamine. The average levels of histamine contents were 292.8 mg/kg, 114.7 mg/kg and 174 mg/kg and the ranges covered 36.7-1,031.1 mg/kg, 10.5-443.7 mg/kg and 5.0-1,424.1 mg/kg respectively. Among the total of 65 preserved fish samples under the study, it was found that 23 samples (35.4%)contained histamine in excess of 200 mg/kg. However no case of histamine poisoning from these products has been reported in Thailand since fishsauce, fermented fish and sun dried anchovy were not staple food. They were normally constituted less than 10 % of a serving size as seasonings and minor ingredients in oriental dishes. High histamine levels in these products indicated poor handling and/or improper process which may cause trouble in international trade. Education on hygienic handling of raw materials and proper process control was recommended to local health authority and producers.
Descriptปีที่ 25 ฉบับที่ 1 ; น.35-42
SubjectHistamine--fish product