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Call# IFRPD T950254

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JournalSmart Buyer Mag
Abstractlack carbonated drinks, fruit flavoured drinks and lime drinks. Ingredients printed on the containers are sugar, antimicrobial agent, natural flavour and natural color. Carbonated drinks contain 10.5-13.6% sugar. Sugar content of 40 grams as consumed per day may cause teeth decay or other diseases such as obesity, diabetic and mal-nutrition. Acidity value (oH)for carbonated drinks (pH = 3)is similar to that of fruit juices (pH = 3+), except coca-cola (pH = 2.40). Both carbonated drinks and fruit juices cause calcium erosion from tooth enamel. There are some instruction for carbonated drink consumers i.e. should not consume before bedtime, consume any drinks contained nonsugar etc. Three big companies hold the carbonate beverage market that these products have the marketing value more than 16,000 mil. Bahts.
Descriptv1 n3 ; p11-20
SubjectCarbonated drink/composition
Carbonated drink/benzoic acid
Carbonated drink/manufacturer